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Using a Kitchen Canister Set in New Ways

Posted on April 3, 2017

Kitchen canister sets aren’t just something that you find in your grandmother’s house. This is a way to add a very stylish kind of look into your home. It gives you the opportunity to bring in color as well as storage to your countertop space. This is something that adds a very decorative touch carpet flood damage Melbourne but it can also really work within your theme and highlight the beautiful materials that you already have going on in your kitchen.

You might put down a kitchen canister set. It can kind of seem a little bit stuffy. Instead, you can make it very elegant. In this case, you can find one with lots of metallic and porcelain details. This can have a very Tuscan kind of feeling to it. You can also just really change up with a plain porcelain piece. You can also find different ways to display these kinds of items to give them a larger presence. Even just putting them all in a metal stand really can make a huge difference. It’s really going to contain an independent and neat appearance, even if they are made out of very plain kind of materials.

Ceramic kitchen canister sets are some of the least expensive kinds of items out there. These are also some of the most common and the most popular. In this case, you can have a lot of fun by just mixing and matching them up. The really great thing about this is that it allows you to really grab all of the odds and ends that you may see lying around. You might head to thrift stores and see if they have mismatched canisters. As long as they are in the same shape or the same material they can all relate to each other. Plus, this is a budget friendly way to shop because you’ll be able to do it over time. Another advantage to this kind of design style is that you get to make your own color palette which can tie together the rest of the room.

Canister sets for kitchen design doesn’t have to be cheesy. You can make this very modern and very contemporary. The accessories in this kind of theme are extremely important just because there really isn’t a lot of color in the space. For instance if you went with red kitchen canister set this is still going to be very contemporary looking with a bold color. This can be a lot easier to live with than just painting your walls red which can make your room feel smaller. It’s also a great way to decorate an apartment or just give as a gift to a new couple or even someone who is graduating college because it’s something that everyone can use especially if they are moving into an apartment that lacks a lot of personality.

Another way that you can really add a sense of flow into the space is to go with more of a stainless steel kind of appearance. This is a very inexpensive way to get this kind of material in your room. You can coordinate with garbage cans, cookware, appliances, and sink faucets. It’s a way to really add a lot of sparkle into room that still has a little bit of a masculine edge to it.

Another really fun design is to go with more of a hand painted look. This can be Tuscan or Spanish feeling but it can also work with a traditional kitchen. The really great thing about this is that it does allow you to bring in a lot of color. However, since these are on small items it really isn’t going to overwhelm the space. This is also a really fun way to tie any theme in especially if you have something that you don’t really know how to work with such as terra-cotta tile. You can try out hand painted canisters in a variety of oranges, yellows, and blues to really get a very graphic look that still has a lot of whimsy and fun to it in your space.

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