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How to Purchase Used Office Furniture

Posted on April 13, 2017

Purchasing used or pre-owned office furniture can be a scary task. Flood Restoration Brisbane How old is the furniture, who owned the furniture before me, did they take care of it, how do I get spare parts if something breaks, all very important questions to the potential used office furniture buyer.

Let’s start by examining the used office furniture dealer or distributor who owns the furniture. If possible take a look at his /her warehouse space, office furniture showroom or office. Is the company organized? The reason being if they are unorganized the risk of getting damaged or defective parts increases dramatically. Make sure and select a used office furniture dealer like you would any other business. They need to be organized, have a good track record of past business and have quality product at a reasonable price but not too reasonable. If it looks to good to be true it probably is.

Another great point to ask your used office furniture dealer or distributor is; where did you purchase this product? If they can tell you a company name this is better than if they purchased it from another used office furniture distributor, why? If they purchased it from a company it is more likely the office furniture has only been owned one time and not flipped over and over to different office furniture distributors waiting to fall in the hands of an end-user. Thanks for visiting! Although it is ok to purchase office furniture that has been purchased from another distributor I would just recommend keeping a closer eye on the quality and cleanness of the product.

Purchasing used office furniture spare parts. This can be a potential pitfall of purchasing used office furniture. The need to examine your parts and pieces or at least ask your distributor or dealer about them is huge( By used office furniture parts and pieces I mean: over head storage units, files bars, pencil drawers, task lights). All these items are very prone to break over the years. When you purchase and install your used office furniture to find on installation day that most of the files are missing keys, the overheads won’t shut or some of the keyboard trays are missing completely, it can be very difficult to find replacement parts. Hopefully your used office furniture distributor or dealer has parts left over or he can help you purchase new parts. In the act of purchasing new office furniture parts you will realize just how much money you saved purchasing used office furniture.

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