How Much Does Social Media Consulting Cost For Individuals

How much does social media consulting for individuals and professionals cost?
While I have to start out with a big “it depends,” I’ll tell you how I address the pricing of social media consulting services for professionals, job seekers, and individuals looking to chat with a stranger add to their skill set.

It’s similar to the pricing of a getaway vacation. What?? Think about how much a vacation costs. The answer is, “it depends” too. It depends on where you want to go, on what you want to do, how far you want to go, and a whole list of other variables particular to you and your situation. And then, of course, the vacation you actually choose depends on what you can afford.

Thinking about all that goes into a vacation can help you gain a better understanding of what social media marketing consulting will cost you.
What will social media consulting cost an individual?
Simply put, social media marketing and digital communication consulting is based on what you want and need.

As a social media and digital marketing consultant, this is the way I do it in Charlotte, NC. I first have to understand the scope of what you want to learn – your project – and then I look at the time and resources required to successfully complete the job in order to give an actionable price for my social media consulting and marketing work.

Before I can give any prospective client a price, I have to get clarity on their goals and objectives and review their existing online presence. Discussions with you will enable me to get that information and more, allowing me to then put together a proposal tailored to your specific needs, industry, and situation.

The following information can be helpful for those reading this. It is an outline of some of the bigger components that can go into a social media consulting arrangement. One way to get an idea of what consulting might cost for you is for you to go down this list and add up the items you would need.

Strategic Marketing and Social Media Plan
The creation of a strategic marketing and social media Plan is where I begin with my individual clients. With a focus on practical and strategic uses of social media and online communications, I develop an education and marketing plan based on your target audiences so that we can successfully co-create and implement a new online communication strategy. I offer specific and hands-on training on key social media platforms. I provide a social media framework that can be incorporated into the best practices of your job and industry. Given all that, the cost for a Plan ranges from $800 to $2,000, depending on the needs and required detail.

Website Design / Redesign
Website design/redesign and training will vary depending on the complexity and functionality of the website you need. Components of a website can include: graphics and visual design, blog creation, transfer of appropriate content from existing site, mobile optimization, analytics, search engine optimization set up, easy formatting for editing and change, recommendations on hosting, security and backup optimization, and integration with targeted social media networks.

Very simple websites can be created for $500, while more complex ones can range in cost from $1,000 – $3,000+.

It’s important to note that the following are considered ongoing operating expenses, and would not be included in the figures above: hosting, domain names, security and backup service fees.

Set up, Measurement and Hands on Training
Once the relevant social networks for your audiences and needs have been selected, and a strategy of engagement and use for each outlined, it is important to create a consistent presence and cohesive brand across all online channels. I will set up or help you set up the online networks and optimize them for search engine visibility. Measurement and analytics – based on organizational goals – are set up with metrics and reporting is developed using Google Analytics and other “free” online tools.

Hands on training can include how to use each relevant social channel, how to edit your website, “voice” training, strategic posting ideas tailored per network, and posting automation process training.
Again, the cost for these services varies, based on the needs of a small business. Pricing can range from $600 – $2,000+.

To Sum it Up
The cost of social media and digital communication consulting for an individual will depend on what you want, what you need, and what you can afford. I have put together this information based on my experience with getting individuals up to speed on social media and comfortable with using social media strategically in and around the Charlotte, NC area.

Strategic Social Media is a small firm with partner relationships that allow us to be flexible and to offer well-priced consulting services in the Charlotte, NC area. Our goal is to provide clients with consulting services that give them an effective and efficient online presence that will help them grow and promote their personal skills, knowledge and brand – all at a reasonable cost.
I hope this is helpful, and can be useful in your search for professional help with your digital and social media knowledge, and the strategic use of online channels.

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