How The Liver Detoxifies Toxic Substances

The liver is one of the most important bodily organs which carries out hundreds if not thousands of specialized functions including detoxification occurring on cell membranes of the liver parenchymal cells. Find out more about stop snoring mouthpiece from Positive Health Wellness – In order to carry out its functions, the parenchymal cells are densely packed with membranes. All toxic substances such as chemical food additives, drugs, pollutants and alcohol can damage the your liver by attacking the parenchymal cell membrane systems.

In a healthy state, the parenchymal cells need to be well equipped with protective antioxidants such as glutathione to neutralize the free radicals generated during the detoxification process. When the liver is unable to cope with the toxins and become overburdened, its stores of antioxidants are progressively depleted and this can lead to serious disorders such as:

Fatty Liver

It is the milder form of alcohol-related liver damage. Can be caused by diabetes and obesity. Though fatty liver, being a reversible condition, does not cause any specific symptoms, if left untreated it can lead to inflammation, cell death and fibrosis and eventually cirrhosis which is a major risk factor for cancer.

Viral Hepatitis

Caused by the hepatitis viruses A, B & C, it is the cause for liver inflammation leading to liver cirrhosis where normal liver cells are damaged & replaced by scar tissues.

Drug Induced Liver Damage

Activated by the liver, most drugs can become toxic metabolites which are free radicals that can damage the cell membranes in the same way alcohol damages the membranes.

Alcohol Liver Damage

Excessive alcohol consumption is the most single common cause for toxic liver damage where it attacks the mitochondria membranes and impair production of cellular energy which is much needed for your liver to carry out its functions.

So now that you have read up till here, you would now want to know how the liver detoxifies toxic substances to keep you healthy at all times.

Many of the toxic substances that enter the body are fat-soluble where they dissolve only in the cell membrane which is the fatty region and would be difficult to dislodge them from. The detoxification is divided into two phases which are designed to convert fat-soluble toxins or chemicals into water-soluble chemicals so that these can be easily excreted from your body via watery fluids such as bile and urine. In phase one, parenchymal cell membrane enzymes convert toxic chemicals into harmless chemicals. However, free radicals are by-products of this process and complicates the liver health condition. Phase two system involves the conjugation process whereby the liver cells add on another substance to the toxic chemical or drug to render it less harmless and simultaneously making it water-soluble. Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) are the most important of antioxidants involving here in this part of the liver.

The choice for healthy living must involve setting your priority right in maintaining a healthy liver. Consume products high in glutathione and ALA to protect your liver. The cost of a liver transplant will put enough pressure on you for the need to keep your existing liver in good and healthy condition.

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