How Windshield Wipers Affect Auto Glass Integrity

While many car owners try to take good care of their windshields, they may not be paying the same attention to their wipers. Poor quality wipers or poor wiper care can harm automotive glass and cause serious problems that can lead to auto accidents, fines or the need for major repairs.

Consumers should take good care of the wipers if they want to protect their windshield, because the wipers move over the glass every time they are used. If there is some dirt or other debris trapped behind the wipers, then it gets scraped across the windshield, sometimes causing scratches and weakening the glass. The car owner may not always be able to see the scratches, but they may still be there.

It’s not just dirt and other detritus that in the windshield wipers that will cause damage to the windshield. If the wipers are worn, then the padding may not be adequate to protect the windshield. The wipers are often made from hard plastic or metal, and once the padding on the wipers starts to wear away, those hard components can poke through and scratch up the glass.

It’s important to replace wipers once they start to get old or damaged, and simply cleaning the windshield regularly may not be neighed to protect it properly. The wipers need to be inspected every three months or so, and car owners should look for cracks, bending, warping, wearing away of the padding and other signs of damage. Once wipers are even partially damaged, they will deteriorate quickly, and they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

It’s not a good idea to use the wipers, once damaged, until they have been replaced. It’s cheap and easy to replace them, and the owner doesn’t have to have any mechanical knowledge to be able to switch them out for new wipers. It’s as simple as unscrewing or unsnapping the old wipers and replacing them with new ones.

If the windshield does become damaged, though, then the car owner should have that taken care of immediately. As any professionals in auto glass in Spartanburg, SC will tell car owners, once car windshields are damaged, the damage can spread and become much worse very quickly. Anyone concerned about damage to their windshield can go to auto glass in Spartanburg SC to get help with the repairs or replacement.

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